Eliminating non-compliance permanently

The number of non-compliance issues increases with each audit and I cannot resolve them. How can I improve the efficiency of my quality control system?

The solution: nex’quality

At Nexialist, we process non-conformities as a team, requiring an overall methodology and cooperation:

  • Everyone involved must be proficient at process methodology and efficiently identifying the underlying causes for non-conformity should be the key to that process.
  • Corrective actions that you define should help eradicate issues so that they do not recur.
  • Used by our customers for many years to facilitate root cause identification, we offer specific tools to process non-conformities.

Nex’Quality benefits your business:

  • Non-conformity processing no longer involves just one person, but the entire company.
  • The entire team is involved in every phase of processing non-conformities.
  • Action items are implemented and completed, then non-conformities are eliminated after just a few weeks instead of months or even years.
  • An effective process for identifying and handling non-compliance allows you to optimise your internal processes, improve product quality and reduce the cost of poor quality.
  • The notified body will have more confidence in your ability to handle customer complaints and non-conformities.

What could happen if the organisation is not suitable?

  • Misidentification of the root causes does not solve problems permanently, and teams can continue to implement curative actions without stopping the appearance of more non-conformity.
  • Teams may lose all motivation to process non-conformities faced with the growing number of non-conformities.
  • Unprocessed or incorrectly processed non-conformities may cause the notified body to take action against the company if the efficacy and / or safety of the products are questioned with a penalty up to the suspension of a CE marking.

Our solution