Julien Kamité

After more than 20 years’ experience in medical devices and in vitro diagnostic medical devices fields, I joined nexialist team in November 2022.

With an academic background in biomaterials, I had the opportunity to work in different environments :

  • Research Laboratories in molecular biology, cell biology, microbiology for  start-up ;
  • R&D department for company which manufactured in vitro diagnostic medical devices ;
  • Quality and Regulatory Affairs departement for company which manufactured implantable medical devices ;
  • Implantable Medical Devices certificaton departement in notify body.

These different expériences have allowed me to acquire knowledge and skills on all the stages of the development of a product, and on various medical devices.

Mastery of Product, technical documentation, and good communication/understanding between all stakeholders involved in the development and marketing of medical devices is an important part of achieving the much needed certification.

My goal in joining the nexialist team: To facilitate the certification of medical devices (including innovative MDs) by sharing my experience and knowledge with my colleagues and customers.