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WHO Ethics and Governance of AI Systems

WHO Ethics and Governance of AI SystemsWHO Ethics and Governance of AI SystemsThe World Health Organization released a general report in 2021 on the use of artificial intelligence in health and the challenges and risks that these technologies can produce. In this...

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GDPRGDPRThe GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679) sets limits on the use of personal data considered sensitive. It provides many opportunities for effective monitoring and enforcement of fairness, transparency, individual rights and granting individual...

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Public Health Code – Bioethics law

Public Health Code - Bioethics lawPublic Health Code - Bioethics lawThe bioethics law after several revisions was finally adopted in August 2021. In its draft format, Article 11 of this law, which became Article 17 in its final format, introduces a legal framework for...

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