The normative environment for the biological evaluation of medical devices has changed significantly in recent years. The 2018 version of ISO 10993-1: Biological evaluation of medical devices – Part 1: Evaluation and testing within a risk management process has led to changes in the series, as ISO 10993-18 on chemical characterization of materials in 2019.

The year 2021 starts strong with the publication of the new version of ISO 10993-12 on sample preparation, as well as the new ISO 10993-23 standard specifically dedicated to irritation tests (previously contained in ISO 10993-10 with skin sensitization tests), which requires MD manufacturers to give preference to in-vitro testing whenever possible in order to avoid the systematic use of animal testing.

New versions of ISO standards 10993-2, 10993-5, 10993-10 and 10993-17 are also expected

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