Post-market surveillance


PMS/ PMCF: You recognise these words, and they may be sometimes familiar, but you do not really know what they mean. You are not sure what information to supply. What level of detail and analysis is expected? Are you looking for a simple, effective, reproducible and easy-to-update tool?

Nex’PMS allows you to collect all necessary and required information to compile a complete documented and analysed file on each of your products.

With regular clinical and / or non-clinical monitoring and / or non- clinic of your products in time, you reach three goals:

  • Ensure the safety and efficacy of the product throughout its life cycle;
  • Decide improvements and / or corrections to the product;
  • Respond to regulatory requirements.

The Nexialist team’s solid experience and marketing skills advise, train and accompany you throughout the creation of structured tools facilitating the regular and mandatory supervision for all of your products.

Business cases

Case 1

Organising post-market surveillance