Software qualification, validation of special processes, IQ, OQ, PQ, sterilisation, cleaning, packaging… these terms are related to validation!!

Whether you are developing software, surgical implants or sterile products, you must face validation. Nex’valid comes in the form of a complete file containing the basic elements for all of your products or product lines, including:

  • Definition of the procedure (s);
  • Drafting of validation protocols;
  • Achievement of IQ, OQ and PQ qualifications;
  • Development of the validation report;
  • A follow-up file developed by Nexialist to control all stages of validation;
  • Introduction of routine checks of monitoring tools.

nex’valid has many advantages:

  • Considerable time saving;
  • Financial gain because only the necessary tests are carried out;
  • An easier assessment appreciated by the notified bodies.

Nex’valid is either broken down into phases according to requirements or a full service comprising all the validation phases from definition to implementation of monitoring tools.

Business cases

Case 1

Validating special processes

Case 2

Validating manufacturing software